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Retrofit immersion coils

The retrofit coil offers a simple and cost effective solution to a complicated problem. In the past if you wanted solar heated hot water then an installer would change your hot water cylinder for a "dual coil solar cylinder" which are very costly and add a day to the installation of the system. This is where the retrofit coil comes in. I have been producing Solar retrofit coils for hot water systems for a number of years now and have found them to be a very efficient way of transferring heat from a solar collector into the hot water storage tank.

The coil replaces the electric immersion heater in the cylinder, this enables the heated water in the system to pass through the coil and transfer the heat into the hot water cylinder. This can greatly reduce the installation costs associated with traditional installations where the cylinder would need replacing, this coil saves the cost of the new cylinder and all the associated plumbing work needed to fit it.

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